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Cleaning paint brushes made simple

No matter what type of paint you use, at the end either the roller or paint brushes need a good cleaning. Especially if you plan on using them again. One little trick if you’re going to use the same brush the next day or even the next weeks is to wrap the brush or roller in plastic and store away. We’ve used bread loaf bags as they’re handing and available. Ring out the roller or brush until they’re’s no more paint dripping. Wrap the brush or roller in Saran Wrap or a bread back. Make sure it’s air tight by taping the plastic around the handle. You’ll be amazed when you go to use the brush again as it’s still moist and did not requiring cleaning between paint layers.
Now, when it’s time to clean the brush or roller it’s best to use a thick hand soap to cover the brush or roller. If the soap matches the thickness of the paint, well, you’re going to have an easy job of cleaning it. Douce the brush or roller in hand soap and wrap it in plastic for at least an hour or so. Unwrap, rinse well with warm water and you’ll see how easy it cleans. Enjoy, cleaning tips from Maret’s Home Cleaning.

Window washing made simple

We’ve cleaned many windows and mirrors in our 20+ years of business. One of the best products to wash the dirtiest window is dish soap. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to watch a commercial window washer prep his “pail”, you’ll notice it only takes a couple teaspoons in a gallon of warm water to make the best window cleaner imaginable. Try it.

Fill a standard bucket with warm-to-hot water, add about 3 teaspoons of you favourite dish soap. We like to use Sunlight. Now throw a couple good quality micro fibre cloths in the bucket to soak a minute or two.

Ring out the micro fibre cloth until it’s not quite dry but has a nice wet, sudsy appearance. Start at the top right or left of your window and slowly go back and forth across the window until you see white foam or suds appearing. Do this for the entire length of the glass or mirror. Wipe it dry with a good quality cotton cloth. The type of cotton cloth that good quality T-shirts are made from.

You’ll be addicted to doing windows and mirrors once you’ve seen the results. Some patio doors look like they don’t have glass after you’re done.

This method also works on screens. Lay the smaller screens across your soap bucket and wipe the screen with the wet, soapy micro fibre cloth until you see white suds or foam appear. Take the same type of cotton cloth and dry the screen. Do on both sides, and the screen frame.

Believe me, you’ll love doing windows after that.

Deep cleaning appliances

Cleaning a fridge by yourself can be a daunting task, let alone considering the oven. It seems like an easy task. Most folks who’ve tried it on their own know that it’s not as quick as you think. Removing the the food items, the shelving, glass inserts, from the fridge and putting it all back together again is a job in itself. Then you have to consider the oven. But wait! My oven has a self cleaning mode. Have you ever tried the self-cleaning cycle? Notice it doesn’t do the rack nor the inside of the oven door, especially the glass.

Unless you’re dedicated to spending a full Saturday or Sunday to cleaning these appliances, I would highly recommend a professional cleaning company like Maret’s Quality Home Cleaning. We’ve cleaned hundreds of appliances in our 18+ year history, it’s almost like we can do it in our sleep.

Why would someone consider using a cleaning service to clean the appliances? Well, two good reasons: Convenience and No headaches.

Deep cleaning your appliances may only be needed once or twice per year. Let the professionals do it for you. You’ll be glad you did.

Maret’s has developed a coconut oil based cleaning product specifically for heavy duty jobs likes ovens. Similar to hand cream, the coconut cleaning cream is thick, clings to vertical surfaces, makes glass, rubber and plastics sparkle without much effort. It’s enjoyable to use, even without gloves. The beauty of this cream is that there’s no toxic smell, no danger to employees, children nor pets. Contact Maret’s to inquire, you’ll be glad you did.