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How to clean salt stains from shoes and carpet

Winter is long gone but some of you might have salt stained shoes or boots that need to be cleaned before packing away. Salt can easily be cleaned away with the use of vinegar.
Salt which is considered alkaline and vinegar which is considered acidic, when mixed will neutralize each other. From a bottle of vinegar dab some on a wash cloth by placing the cloth over the opening of the bottle and tipping it upside down. Wipe or dab the salt stains with the wet cloth. For thick salt stains you might have to pour the vinegar on the stain and dab it with a cloth. You’ll be amazed at the results and happy with the fresh smell vinegar will bring to your clean boots or carpet. Another great cleaning tip from Maret’s Home Cleaning.

Deep cleaning appliances from top to bottom

Cleaning a fridge by yourself can be a daunting task, let alone considering the oven. It seems like an easy task. Most folks who’ve tried it on their own know that it’s not as quick as you think. Removing the the food items, the shelving, glass inserts, from the fridge and putting it all back together again is a job in itself. Then you have to consider the oven. But wait! My oven has a self cleaning mode. Have you ever tried the self-cleaning cycle? Notice it doesn’t do the rack nor the inside of the oven door, especially the glass.
Unless you’re dedicated to spending a full Saturday or Sunday to cleaning these appliances, I would highly recommend a professional cleaning company like Maret’s Quality Home Cleaning. We’ve cleaned hundreds of appliances in our 18+ year history, it’s almost like we can do it in our sleep.
Why would someone consider using a cleaning service to clean the appliances? Well, two good reasons: Convenience and No headaches.
Deep cleaning your appliances may only be needed once or twice per year. Let the professionals do it for you. You’ll be glad you did.
Maret’s has developed a coconut oil based cleaning product specifically for heavy duty jobs likes ovens. Similar to hand cream, the coconut cleaning cream is thick, clings to vertical surfaces, makes glass, rubber and plastics sparkle without much effort. It’s enjoyable to use, even without gloves. The beauty of this cream is that there’s no toxic smell, no danger to employees, children nor pets. Contact Maret’s to inquire, you’ll be glad you did.

Cleaning screens

Cleaning screens

Now that summer is on it’s way there’s some folk out there that have balconies with patio doors and screens. The screens get dusty, some have that salt mist from the winter weather. Not to fret, we’ve got that covered.

What you’ll need:

Wash bucket
2 good quality micro fibre cloths (16 x 16) are the best
2 good quality cotton cloths, preferably the thick cotton from old shirts
warm water
Sunlight or Dawn dishsoap

Fill the wash bucket 3/4 full with warm water. Add about 3 tablespoons of dish soap.
Throw in the micro fibre cloths and gently swish around.

Wring out one of the micro fibre cloths leaving it pretty wet, not too wet.
Start by wiping the top corner of the screen on one side and move the micro fibre slowly across the screen to the other side.

Continue to move across the screen wiping as you go. You’ll see a good build up of white suds from the dish soap.
This is a good sign. As you move down and across the screen you’ll notice that the cloth is becoming dry. Rinse and ring it out again, repeat the steps above until the entire length of the screen is white with suds.
Take one of the cotton cloths and wipe the screen in the same pattern as above. You’ll notice that the suds disappear, leaving a clean screen. Do this method on both sides of the screen. You’ll be amazed at how clean the screen becomes with little effort. You can continue to do your windows and mirrors in the same manner. Normal dishsoap and good quality cloths make all the difference in the world. Wipe the surfaces dry with the cotton cloths until you hear the window squeak. Enjoy your clean screens and windows.

Cleaning your home with coconut oil based products

What? Cleaning a home with coconut oil based products? Never heard of it. For some of us, we may be fortunate to have grown up in a time when “real” soap was used to clean things. What do I mean about “real soap”??. Soap is a natural product of oil, water and lye (sodium hydroxide for hard soap, potassium hydroxide for liquid soap). In the old days soap was made in this way. Today’s cleaning products don’t contain soap, they’re mostly made with detergents, alcohols, or laurates. Read the ingredients of any cleaning product and you’ll see chemical names that only a scientist can understand. We make our cleaning product, Simple Sudz, the old fashioned way, and made with 100% Coconut oil. Why Coconut oil? Well, when it’s used to make a soap it’s does not leave a residue and coconut soap is the most amazing, natural grease cutter, ink remover, etc. Add some additional ingredients to soften water, remove minerals, and you have a great product that can be used on plastics, stainless, woods, metals, vinyls, leather, carpet, the full range of home appliances, furniture, coverings and more. That’s what is great about cleaning with a soap. No damages, no bleaching, no stains, just a clean, natural, child & pet safe cleaning product. It’s this type of home cleaning service that sets us out from the others. It’s all in the cleaning details……

Post renovation cleaning – Toronto

Now that your renovation is over, or it’s soon to be over, it’s a great time to get a cleaning company in to estimate the clean-up. Most cleaning companies worth their “salt” will ask to come see the work that’s needed to be done so they can estimate the amount of time, schedule the right amount of people, and provide you with a written estimate. A word of advice. Don’t book a company over the phone without them seeing the work. You may be surprised when they show up requesting additional costs to complete the job. Most professional cleaning companies provide written, 100% satisfaction guaranteed quotes. They will schedule the right amount of people, schedule the service, and provide you with piece of mind. Professional cleaning companies work the same way a contractor does in renovating your home. He’ll quote the project, sub-contract the work and handle the project through to completion. That’s what we do. Remember the old adage: “you get what you pay for”. It’s the same for any service based business. If you’re coming to the end of a renovation, ask the contractor to arrange the cleaning service and have it billed to him. Piece of mind is worth it’s weight in gold. Happy renovations!!!!