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Archive for September 2015

How to remove Hard water stains

We’ve all seen it, those water stains that turn while build up on our shower stalls over time.   How do you get rid of them?  How does it happen?


You will notice a buildup of soap scum and hard water stains over time in your shower if you do not regularly maintain the cleanliness of your shower.   Many people often dread this task and want to know what the most effective way is to remove them.

Here is some tips on to help you maintain your shower the easiest way!

First off, if possible, purchase a squeegee and run up and down your shower walls after every use. This will help you with the time it takes to clean your shower regularly as there will be less build up.   Make sure your bathroom is also properly ventilated.  If it is not, mold can even form in the shower grout from poor ventilation.   If you do not have a window or fan, suggest keeping your door open to let some of the heat escape.

Although you can find over the internet natural ways such as vinegar and lemon juice to remove soap scum and hard water, it seems to only get the surface part and not the stubborn stains!

We have experienced in our many years of cleaning business the most fast and efficient product that we’ve used is called Bar Keepers Friend.   It’s so easy to remove stains making your shower look brand new!

To use Bar Keepers Friend:

Dampen a sponge and pour the cleanser on the soft side of the sponge.

Apply to area that needs it and lightly scrub.

Rinse off with water or a damn microfiber rag and dry with paper towel or a t-shirt rag.

You will instantly see the difference!



What you don’t think about when choosing flooring for your home


Choosing the right flooring for your home may seem like a daunting task. This is a process that you must combine your own taste and budget with practicality. There are many options you always need to consider such as: how big is your family, do you have kids or pets? How much traffic is this area going to get, and the list goes on.

One big thing you should ask yourself is, how easy will it be cleaning this floor?

In the past 18 years of running our cleaning business we’ve seen every type of flooring. We have learned that most clients will choose the floor because it was beautiful but did not consider the upkeep with it. Something so small such as choosing the right color makes the biggest difference. Trust us!

For those people who want something that is easy to clean as well as “look clean” to consider picking a lighter neutral color. If you choose a warmer neutral color such as a dark brown, sometimes depending on the type of flooring, you will see everything repel off of it (dust, footprints, spills, streak marks etc). This is something you should really consider and do your homework before choosing.

In terms of how to clean your floors, there are many products out there that it is always hard to choose. We suggest just using water with a microfibre mop. Every so often pour a little vinegar in the water to use, this is the most natural way. Many cleaners will dull or damage your floors over time or a film will create over your floors due to the cleaning product, which in time can be extremely difficult to clean.

Lastly, we always recommend that if you can, invest the extra money in hardwood floors. These can be sanded and re-stained as time goes on, which you will have longer lasting floors. Most people will choose laminate or vinyl as it is a cheaper alternative to hardwood, not realizing the issues they may have down the road.

It is not always about saving money at the time of a purchase, it’s about the quality and the time you will have to spend with these floors in the years to come.