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Cleaning paint brushes made simple

No matter what type of paint you use, at the end either the roller or paint brushes need a good cleaning. Especially if you plan on using them again. One little trick if you’re going to use the same brush the next day or even the next weeks is to wrap the brush or roller in plastic and store away. We’ve used bread loaf bags as they’re handing and available. Ring out the roller or brush until they’re’s no more paint dripping. Wrap the brush or roller in Saran Wrap or a bread back. Make sure it’s air tight by taping the plastic around the handle. You’ll be amazed when you go to use the brush again as it’s still moist and did not requiring cleaning between paint layers.
Now, when it’s time to clean the brush or roller it’s best to use a thick hand soap to cover the brush or roller. If the soap matches the thickness of the paint, well, you’re going to have an easy job of cleaning it. Douce the brush or roller in hand soap and wrap it in plastic for at least an hour or so. Unwrap, rinse well with warm water and you’ll see how easy it cleans. Enjoy, cleaning tips from Maret’s Home Cleaning.