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Post renovation cleaning

Whether it is a newly built home, or a new renovation, make it shine! Start by cleaning up the large pieces of gyproc, wood pieces, paper, wiring, nails, etc. If you have access to a shopvac that has a HEPA filter, use it to clean up most of the sawdust, dust and smaller debris. For the finer cleaning, use a Pet type canister vacuum like a Dirt Devil canister vacuum. Most upright vacuums are useless when it comes to cleaning efficiently and getting into the corners. There will be gyproc dust everywhere, inside and outside cabinets, inside appliances and especially on windows and screens. Use warm water with a lot of Sunlight dish soap, microfibre cloths and cotton cloths to wipe dry. You will be amazed at how well warm water, dish soap and cotton cloths work on the dust.

Post renovation cleaning – Toronto

Now that your renovation is over, or it’s soon to be over, it’s a great time to get a cleaning company in to estimate the clean-up. Most cleaning companies worth their “salt” will ask to come see the work that’s needed to be done so they can estimate the amount of time, schedule the right amount of people, and provide you with a written estimate. A word of advice. Don’t book a company over the phone without them seeing the work. You may be surprised when they show up requesting additional costs to complete the job. Most professional cleaning companies provide written, 100% satisfaction guaranteed quotes. They will schedule the right amount of people, schedule the service, and provide you with piece of mind. Professional cleaning companies work the same way a contractor does in renovating your home. He’ll quote the project, sub-contract the work and handle the project through to completion. That’s what we do. Remember the old adage: “you get what you pay for”. It’s the same for any service based business. If you’re coming to the end of a renovation, ask the contractor to arrange the cleaning service and have it billed to him. Piece of mind is worth it’s weight in gold. Happy renovations!!!!

Renovation Cleaning

Renovation Cleaning

Let’s talk about Renovation cleanings. So, you’ve just spent several weeks or months doing renovations. We can only imagine what your home may look like. If you’re one of the many Torontarian’s who’ve completed them, you’ve probably have gyproc dust inside and out of every cabinet and drawers throughout your home. Maybe you’re one of the few lucky ones that has a contractor who has left your home fairly clean. Gyproc dust is extremely time consuming to clean. Proper HEPA filter vacuums, good micro fibre cloths and a lot of time “is in your future”. We have found that using canister vacuum’s with hepa filters work great to remove the main amount of dust. For the lighter amounts, a good quality micro fibre with our Maret’s Reputation cleaning cream works wonders.