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Window washing made simple

We’ve cleaned many windows and mirrors in our 20+ years of business. One of the best products to wash the dirtiest window is dish soap. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to watch a commercial window washer prep his “pail”, you’ll notice it only takes a couple teaspoons in a gallon of warm water to make the best window cleaner imaginable. Try it.

Fill a standard bucket with warm-to-hot water, add about 3 teaspoons of you favourite dish soap. We like to use Sunlight. Now throw a couple good quality micro fibre cloths in the bucket to soak a minute or two.

Ring out the micro fibre cloth until it’s not quite dry but has a nice wet, sudsy appearance. Start at the top right or left of your window and slowly go back and forth across the window until you see white foam or suds appearing. Do this for the entire length of the glass or mirror. Wipe it dry with a good quality cotton cloth. The type of cotton cloth that good quality T-shirts are made from.

You’ll be addicted to doing windows and mirrors once you’ve seen the results. Some patio doors look like they don’t have glass after you’re done.

This method also works on screens. Lay the smaller screens across your soap bucket and wipe the screen with the wet, soapy micro fibre cloth until you see white suds or foam appear. Take the same type of cotton cloth and dry the screen. Do on both sides, and the screen frame.

Believe me, you’ll love doing windows after that.