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Cleaning hacks #1



You ever notice the brown build up around your drain in your sinks?  Ever wonder how to get rid of it, without using too much elbow grease?


If you don’t know what kind of product to use, this could cost you time and money wasted on the wrong product!

All you need to remove the browning near the rings, is Fantastic with Bleach!   This requires no time from you to scrub the sink, you just spray it on, let it sit for a few min and wipe away.  This will help kill the bacteria in your sinks as well as make it look very clean.    This is always good to do every now and then, as we use our sinks for many different things including raw foods!  Think about the bacteria that lives in it…


Cleaning tip: Make sure you do not get the product on your clothes as it will bleach them. Ensure sink is rinsed well afterwards. Also, check to see if this product is OK for your sink before you spray.    It does work in mst sinks, toilets, showers etc.




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