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Cleaning your home with coconut oil based products

What? Cleaning a home with coconut oil based products? Never heard of it. For some of us, we may be fortunate to have grown up in a time when “real” soap was used to clean things. What do I mean about “real soap”??. Soap is a natural product of oil, water and lye (sodium hydroxide for hard soap, potassium hydroxide for liquid soap). In the old days soap was made in this way. Today’s cleaning products don’t contain soap, they’re mostly made with detergents, alcohols, or laurates. Read the ingredients of any cleaning product and you’ll see chemical names that only a scientist can understand. We make our cleaning product, Simple Sudz, the old fashioned way, and made with 100% Coconut oil. Why Coconut oil? Well, when it’s used to make a soap it’s does not leave a residue and coconut soap is the most amazing, natural grease cutter, ink remover, etc. Add some additional ingredients to soften water, remove minerals, and you have a great product that can be used on plastics, stainless, woods, metals, vinyls, leather, carpet, the full range of home appliances, furniture, coverings and more. That’s what is great about cleaning with a soap. No damages, no bleaching, no stains, just a clean, natural, child & pet safe cleaning product. It’s this type of home cleaning service that sets us out from the others. It’s all in the cleaning details……

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