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Post Renovation


Renovations can be daunting. Not only are they time consuming, the most part is the home is a complete mess at the end of renovations. Don’t fret, we’ve brought homes from renovations to pristine in a single day.

  • Highest quality cleaning
  • New paint hand washed without chemicals
  • Ceiling fixtures dusted and wiped
  • Crown moulding wiped
  • Paint tape removed
  • Paint spots removed from floors


We convert your home from renovations to “I can eat off the floor” type home. We’re not your average cleaning company, we’re the Q-tip, white glove, disinfect type cleaning company. If you want spotless, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Inside windows stickers removed
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Windows cleaned without chemicals
  • Door frames cleaned
  • Light fixtures cleaned
  • Wall vents cleaned in and out
  • Furniture and carpets vacuumed


We use HEPA based vacuums, coconut cleaning cream and gentle soaps to guarantee the cleanest home. We can clean inside cabinets, under appliances, inside wall and floor vents, and ensure your new appliances and surfaces sparkle.

  • Hand wash baseboard and floors
  • Clean behind and under appliances
  • Clean electronic cabinets and cables
  • Remove new appliance labels
  • Clean and polish new stone surfaces
  • Tile grout vacuumed and cleaned
  • Clean and polish showers and tubs

Above is a short list of cleaning service we can provide.


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