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Purchasing a Vacuum





Vacuums play a very important role in the cleanliness of our homes, especially the floors.   With so many different models out there, it can become very difficult to pick out the right type of vacuum for your home.

There are two general types of vacuums, one being an upright and one being a canister.  Many make the mistake purchasing the wrong one.

The most popular vacuum people tend to purchase is an upright vacuum.  Personally, I am not sure of the pros with this vacuum are other than maybe great suction for carpets.  They are heavier, hard to get under furniture, if you have steps, it’s hard to carry it up and down and vacuum the same time.  Difficult to maneuver around tight spaces, and take more space to store.  Most upright vacuums do not come with retractable cords, so you need to wrap the cord up and carry it around wherever you go.

The best type of vacuum in my experience and one you should consider purchasing is a canister vacuum.   Many of these vacuums can come with attachments to vacuum carpets, corners, floors etc.  It makes it easy to maneuver around and under furniture, easy to carry up and down stairs while vacuuming, less likely to scratch your floor due to its bulkiness.   It can go where no upright can go!

If you’re considering purchasing a new vacuum, my suggestion would be to choose a canister vacuum.  It will save you tons of hassle and time!  There are many different models and prices so make sure you read up on which one will suit your needs more before you make the purchase!



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